Lightstep notebooks now allow you to query and save both your infrastructure (metrics) and app performance (traces) data in one place. When you are in a performance investigation, you often need to run ad hoc queries to see the performance of your system, both at the infrastructure level and app level, and then share your findings with your team. Instead of using multiple tabs or tools and creating “throw-away” dashboards, you can now run your investigation in one place.

You can add text blocks to note and explain your findings and share your notebook with anyone with a Lightstep account. The data for your trace-based charts is kept for three days and data for metric-based charts is kept for as long as your metric retention policy, so you once you mitigate an issue, you can go back to the data you worked with to fully investigate and remediate.

Adding trace data to a notebook is available for early access. Contact Customer Success for more information.

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