Updates to Change Intelligence


We’ve improved Change Intelligence to make it easier to determine where changes may have impacted performance.

  • The mini-service diagram (formally available only for metrics) now appears directly in the table of attributes correlated with change in performance. Mini-service diagram in table

  • For each correlated attribute, Cloud Observability now displays easy to ready SLI charts instead of a table, allowing you to easily see perforance and choose example traces from a particular point in time.SLI charts

  • For span data, you can use tabs on the table allow you to view correlated attributes based on the following:

    • On queried spans: Shows attributes only from spans returned by the original query
    • On queried service: Shows attributes only on spans from the service in your query
    • From upstream: Shows correlated attributes only on spans upstream of the service you queried on
    • From downstream: Shows attributes only on spans downstream of the service you queried on
    • On all spans: Shows all attributes from all spans in the corresponding traces

Tabs on span table

Updated Aug 8, 2022