Lightstep’s new Microsatellites significantly simplify data ingestion by shifting most of the data processing and storage to the Lightstep SaaS. Instead of temporarily storing span data to begin analyzing traces in the Satellite, Microsatellites immediately forward all span data directly to the Lightstep SaaS for immediate analysis.

Easier to Set Up and Install

Microsatellites are easier to set up and manage and can reduce Satellite fleets up to 90%.

  • Instead of the sometimes complicated math to ensure Satellites had enough memory set aside for span indexing and enough recall to suit your needs, now you don’t need to determine how many Microsatellites to run or how much retention to maintain. Retention is always fixed at 1 hour.
  • You can configure your orchestration framework to scale Microsatellites on CPU and memory utilization, which is a more intuitive metric and has more support across ecosystems (K8, ECS, etc). Microsatellites are less sensitive to load balance issues.
  • You no longer need to worry about Satellites being imbalanced, leading to a degraded product experience like inconsistent recall across pools, incomplete trace assembly, and inaccurate time series. Now when load balancing isn’t perfect, the product experience won’t be degraded. And because retention is now configured in Lightstep SaaS, retention across all pools/projects will always be consistent.

Additional Benefits

  • 1 hour retention for all projects. You no longer have to tune your Satellites to gain a larger recall window.
  • Higher Key Ops and Streams limits

Want to Make the Switch?

You can convert your Classic Satellites to Microsatellites with a configuration change. Contact Customer Success for more info!

Documentation Changes

Our product documentation now features using Microsatellites, but we still provide content for configuring and monitoring the Classic Satellites.