Welcome to the new Lightstep Learning Portal! All the content that you need to learn how implement observability in your deep systems can be found here. With sections for Lightstep product docs, OpenTelemetry, and our new Learning Paths, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the great new features we now offer you with the new Learning Portal:

  • OpenTelemetry content: A dedicated section for using OpenTelemetry to instrument your system for observability.
  • Learning Paths: Tutorials that walk you through how to use Lightstep.
  • Full text search: Search results now appear on a results page that allows you to filter your results by content type.
  • Feedback: Submit feedback about any topic in the portal. Give a simple thumbs-up or let us know specifically how we can make the portal better for you.

As before, the Product Documentation section has everything you need to get started and use Lightstep - how to get observability telemetry data into your system and then into Lightstep, how to use Lightstep for root cause analysis and performance resolution, how to monitor your systems, how to use and manage Lightstep satellites - it’s all still here, in the organization you’re used to.