Span data in Notebooks is now auto-saved


Auto-save in notebooks

By default you can explore up to three days of span data in a notebook. Now, as soon as 5% of the data for a span chart exceeds three days, that data is auto-saved. The query builder and time picker become read-only, but you can still click on an exemplar (a dot or triangle) to view the associated trace. To see more recent data, you can rerun the query on a new chart by clicking Duplicate with latest data. Auto-saved notebook

The read-only version is retained for as long as your data retention policy.

Share notebook snapshots

You now have two options when sharing a notebook with your teammates. You can share a live version and users with permissions can edit the notebook, or you can create a read-only snapshot of the notebook to share. The snapshot is saved for the length of your data retention policy.

Updated Mar 30, 2022