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Product Announcement: New Features!

We’re excited to announce three new features in LightStep [π‘₯]PM!

LightStep [π‘₯]PM Correlations

Correlations makes it easy to identify what system attributes are statistically associated with increased latency. By surfacing statistical relationships between system attributes, engineers can quickly generate and validate hypotheses during root cause investigation.


LightStep [π‘₯]PM Service Diagram

Service Diagram generates a visual, interactive and hierarchical visualization of system behavior and architecture. Service Diagram makes it easy to immediately understand service dependencies and aggregate latency from a large number of traces at a specific point in time accelerating root cause analysis.


LightStep [π‘₯]PM Satellite Pools

The Satellite Pools page makes Satellite performance management and tuning easier and more straightforward than ever before. Each Satellite Pool has a Pool Report Card with clear indicators for Pool health and status.

In addition, we have improved access to Satellite performance and health metrics with custom DataDog tags and plain statsd support.

Satellite Pools Documentation:
Metrics documentation:

Product Announcement: New Features!

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