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Quick Start: Resolve an Incident Quickly

You've received reports from customers that your iOS client is suddenly slow. Many of them come from one of your most important paying customers. In this tutorial, you learn how LightStep can help you quickly find the root cause and get on the path to resolution.

You'll learn how to:

  • Investigate an issue
  • Generate a data-driven hypothesis
  • Validate your hypothesis
  • Share your findings
  • Continuously monitor and create alerts
  • Get a quick overview of service health once the issue is resolved

Before You Begin

Follow these steps before starting the tutorial.

Get Some Background Knowledge

To get the most out of this tutorial, it will help to have a working knowledge of distributed tracing, instrumentation, and how the LightStep Satellites work with the LightStep Engine to create meaningful data you can use to troubleshoot your system.

Don't have a LightStep Account?

Access the LightStep Demo App.

You'll use the LightStep Demo project to see how quickly you can generate a hypothesis about an issue and then observe real data to back that up. The demo monitors a mobile and web-based application using various backend services.

To open the demo project:
If you haven't added any services to LightStep, you can access the demo on the first page by clicking Take a tour.

If you already have a service(s) reporting to LightStep, access the tour from

Seeing the interactive tutorial?

If this is your first visit to LightStep you see an interactive tutorial with popups that walk you through the app. Go ahead and do the tutorial - it gives you a quick overview of what you'll learn in this more detailed tutorial.

You're taken to the Service Directory page. This page lists all services currently reporting to LightStep. You'll learn more about it in a bit.

Time to complete About 30 minutes

Quick Start: Resolve an Incident Quickly

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