Monitor for SLAs and SLOs

Use Lightstep to monitor your app for performance.

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View Service Health

Lightstep offers a way to quickly see how all your services and their operations are performing in one place - the Service Directory view.

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Monitor Tracing Data with Streams

Create Streams to view historical span and trace data and monitor your services.

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Monitor Service Health After a Deployment

Use Lightstep to monitor service performance after a deployment to catch regressions quickly.

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Create Alerts for Streams

You can create thresholds on Streams that when crossed, send alerts to everyone that needs to know about it. Thresholds can be set for an error percentile, latency, or operations per second, on any operation within your distributed system.

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Create Dashboards from Streams

Group multiple Lightstep Streams to create a dashboard.

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Improve Your Incident Response Flow

Learn how to improve your incident response capabilities using high-cardinality attributes in your instrumentation, creating alerts, and configuring Workflow Links.