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Product Docs

Product Docs

Create a Datadog Dashboard to Monitor Satellites

If you are exporting your StatsD metrics from Lightstep Satellites to Datadog, you can use the dashboard definition below as a good starting point for visualizing the operation of your Satellites.

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Load Balance Lightstep

Having effective load balancing of your Lightstep Satellites is important to ensure a consistent and adjustable recall window for the Satellite pool and allow for efficient use of Satellite computing resources.

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Monitor Lightstep Performance

Lightstep performance is based on the ingress and egress of data from the tracers to the Satellites, the amount of memory the Satellites have to store that data, and the length of the recall window. You can monitor the performance of Lightstep and tune Satellites to avoid dropped spans.

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Monitor Satellite Pools and Satellites

The Satellite Pool report gives a high-level view of Satellite performance and status.

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Monitor Satellites, Traces, and Service Reporting

The Reporting Status page provides an active view of the Lightstep Tracer clients and Satellites over a trailing 60-second window.

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Review Satellite Diagnostics

The Satellite diagnostics service provides health and diagnostic information about the Satellite.

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Satellite Configuration Parameters

Installation and configuration of Lightstep Satellites vary, depending on if you're installing to Docker, AWS/AMI, or Debian/Ubuntu, but all share the same configuration parameters. This topic describes each of these parameters

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Understand StatsD Reporting Metrics

Lightstep Satellites generate several helpful StatsD-based metrics that you can send to any compliant monitoring system.


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Monitor Satellites with Prometheus

Learn how to export the Satellite metrics to Prometheus via statsd-exporter.