Introducing trial access to Cloud Observability logs


Today we’re introducing trial access to logs for all Cloud Observability users. Trial access lets you explore and use our logging capabilities before committing to a full subscription.

What is trial access?

Use trial access to send logs to Cloud Observability and explore logging features. All users can now experiment with logs:

Explore the logs tab

Trial access is designed for exploration and isn’t a permanent logging solution. The following limitations apply to trial access logging:

  • Usage - Send up to 1GB of logs per organization per day.
  • Retention - Cloud Observability stores logs in a shared pool for 3 days.
  • Query performance - Cloud Observability stores trial logs in a shared pool and doesn’t guarantee query performance.

Why try out logs?

Logs capture events and offer detailed context about your systems. Integrating logs into your existing Cloud Observability setup has several advantages:

  • Unified observability - Query and explore logs, metrics, and traces in one place and with the same features.
  • Performance monitoring - Use logs to monitor system performance and identify potential issues.
  • Issue resolution - Correlate logs with metrics and traces to resolve issues, minimize downtime, and increase system reliability.

Trial access lets you use and evaluate Cloud Observability logs before committing. Test out logs to make an informed decision about integrating logs into your observability strategy.

Learn more

Read more about trial access, including some billing considerations. To begin using logs, log into Cloud Observability and start writing, querying, and exploring logs.

Contact Customer Success with any questions, and feel free to reach out about getting full logging access!

Updated Mar 12, 2024