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Learn how to gain insights and detect changes in your metrics and traces.

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Learn the basics to get started with Cloud Observability.


The fastest way to see and query your metrics and traces in Cloud Observability.

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Service Graph Connector (SGC)

Already a ServiceNow user? Send your data to ServiceNow with the SGC for OpenTelemetry.

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Cloud Observability overview

Learn about Cloud Observability and the benefits of a unified observability experience.

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Explore Cloud Observability features


Visualize and monitor metrics and traces.


Explore and collaborate on issues in real time.


Get notified about performance changes.

Correlation engine

Learn about performance changes and find possible causes.

Instrument for observability

Use OpenTelemetry, an open source observability framework, to get metrics and traces into Cloud Observability.

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What's new

See the latest Cloud Observability updates.

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