This topic is about Microsatellites. If you installed Satellites previous to 4/06/2021, you are probably running Classic Satellites.

There are pricing implications to migrating to Microsatellites. Please speak with your Customer Success representative before migrating from Classic Satellites.

Lightstep releases new versions of Microsatellites to bring better performance and features to the span collection process. Always use the most recent version of the Microsatellite available. You can find the details of new versions in the Microsatellite Release Notes. Upgrade your Microsatellites according to the schedule provided in your contract.

For availability reasons, don’t restart all Microsatellite at once. Use either a rolling upgrade or a strategy of launching new Microsatellite first, then shutting down the old ones.

To avoid data loss when restarting or shutting down satellites, we recommend a drain period of 30 seconds to make sure each Microsatellite has enough time to finish sending any-flight data to Lightstep Observability before it shuts down (that is, take the Microsatellite out of the load balancer, but wait to kill the process for an extra 30 seconds). If you’re using Kubernetes, you can set terminationGracePeriodSeconds=30 (the default) to achieve this.