Customer Success tips

Wondering if Cloud Observability is down? Check

If you are having trouble getting data into Cloud Observability, the Customer Success team will need some info to start the troubleshooting process.

  • Set the verbosity level on your tracers to the maximum level for debugging output.
  • Take screenshots of the issue or share the URL of the page you are viewing and include them with your support request.
  • Download the diagnostics bundle (collector_dump.tar) from the Satellite Diagnostics page. Include the diagnostics bundle with your support request.
  • If the diagnostics page isn’t available, you may also find relevant logging under: /var/log/syslog (on Docker and Debian) /var/log/messages (Amazon Linux)
  • Collect the following information about the tracer you are using:
    • Language
    • Version
    • Initialization lines:
      • Satellite endpoint (e.g. properties.getCollectorHost)
      • Port (e.g. properties.getCollectorPort)

Updated Nov 28, 2022