Use pre-built OpenTelemetry Collector dashboards

Cloud Observability provides pre-built OpenTelemetry Collector dashboards using our Terraform provider. These modules allow you to monitor the health of your OpenTelemetry Collector using metrics such as CPU/memory usage, CPU/memory limits, network usage, and IOPS.

The OpenTelemetry Collector modules are currently in beta.


Deploying the OpenTelemetry Collector modules

In Cloud Observability, you can view your metrics in either a notebook or dashboard.

When using notebooks you can click on any Kubernets metrics in the all telemetry dropdown. Check the scrape_series_added metric first, which lets you know many Kubernetes metrics are being ingested.

For dashboards, there are several pre-built dashboards that display Kubernetes metrics. For example, to see Pod metrics, in the Dashboard view, click Create a pre-built dashboard, and choose “Kubernetes Comprehensive (Prometheus)”.

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Updated Jun 3, 2022