Maybe not everyone at your company is a Lightstep user. How do you share useful information from Lightstep with them when you’re in the middle of an incident? And how do you keep a record from that period of time that can be shared with everybody?

When you integrate Lightstep with Slack, you can copy a link to a specific Explorer query, Trace View page, or Stream, post it into any Slack channel in your workspace, and all the pertinent info from that page displays in the Slack channel.

Lightstep users can click the View button to jump right to that page.

To send these previews, users must authorize Lightstep to send information on behalf of themselves to Slack. Once authorized, the “unfurling” of the content (as opposed to just showing the URL into Lightstep) can be seen by any Slack user in the sender’s workspace.

Authorization is required only for posting the content. Anyone in your workspace can view the post.

Authorize Lightstep to Post to Slack

To send page previews to a Slack workspace, you need to authorize Lightstep.

To send page previews on Slack:

  1. From the left-hand navigation, click Account and choose Account Settings.Account Settings

  2. On the Account Settings page, scroll down to the Slack Integration table to the row with “Include previews when sharing links in Slack”. Click Enable Slack.

  3. An authorization page from Slack displays. If not selected already, choose the workspace you want to integrate with from the dropdown. The dialog notifies you that your Slack workspace would like to confirm your identity on Lightstep. Click Install to install the integration.

Clicking Install only authorizes the current user to send trace previews to the Slack workspace. Any user that wants to send previews needs to be a Lightstep user and must authorize the integration.

You’re returned to the Account Settings page and the Slack workspace is listed as having integrated with Lightstep.

Now you can visit Explorer, a Trace, or a Stream, copy the URL, and paste it into a Slack channel, and the preview displays to everyone in that channel.

If a user that hasn’t authorized tries to send a page URL, Slack asks them to authorize the Lightstep integration.

If they click No, then only the URL is posted to the channel.

If they click Yes, allow, they go through the authorization process and the workspace is listed as a Slack integration on their Account Settings page.

Revoke Lightstep Access to a Slack Workspace

You can revoke access to posting previews on a Slack workspace.

To revoke Lightstep’s access to Slack:

  1. Click Account and choose Account Settings.

  2. On the Account Settings page, scroll down to the Slack Integration table, to the row labelled “Include previews when sharing links in Slack.” Click Revoke.