Manage your developer satellite

Developer mode only accepts span data. Metrics and logs aren’t supported.

Developer Mode isn’t supported for organizations hosted in the EU data center.

When you are in Developer Mode, your Satellite runs on your machine, allowing you to collect and see only data that you create locally.

You need Docker installed to run a local Satellite. Developer Mode runs the local Satellite in a Docker container.
Docker for Mac
Docker for Windows

See if the Developer Satellite is Running

You can use Docker to monitor the Satellite. Run docker ps and look for a process named lightstep_developer_satellite.

Stop and Start the Developer Satellite

Once you’ve connected your Developer Satellite it will continue to run. You need to stop before re-running the script.

To stop the Developer Satellite:
bash -c "$(curl -L"

The Developer mode page will update after about a minute to reflect that the Satellite is no longer running.

To restart the Developer Satellite:
Run the script shown on the Developer Mode page in the web UI.

Configuration Options

Developer Satellites are preconfigured with default settings that should work for most development scenarios.

The local Developer Mode Satellite has a wide range of configuration options, just like a full production Satellite. See Microsatellite Configuration Parameters for the full configuration options.

Update the Developer Satellite

Cloud Observability displays a warning on the Developer Satellite page if the Satellite is out of date. To update it, stop, then restart the Satellite.

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Updated Nov 21, 2019