Logging in Cloud Observability

Store, explore, and learn from your logs with Cloud Observability logs.

What is Cloud Observability logs?

Add logs to Cloud Observability’s existing tracing and metrics platform, unifying your observability experience.

Use Cloud Observability logs to:

Trial access for logs

Get limited access to Cloud Observability logs before committing to a full subscription.

Trial access details

Trial access lets you explore Cloud Observability’s logging capabilities. If you’re a Cloud Observability user, use your existing account to ingest logs and access logging features.

The following limitations apply to trial access logging:

  • Usage - Send up to 1GB of logs per organization per day.
  • Retention - Cloud Observability stores logs in a shared pool for 3 days.
  • Query performance - Cloud Observability stores trial logs in a shared pool and doesn’t guarantee query performance.

Trial access isn’t meant to be a permanent logging solution. Reach out to Customer Success to learn more and purchase Cloud Observability logs.

Billing considerations

Trial access costs depend on your billing plan:

  • Active service bundle plan - Send up to 1GB of logs per organization per day at no additional charge.
  • Subscription unit plan - Send up to 1GB of logs per organization per day. Those logs count towards your subscription units for logs.

Contact Customer Success with any questions about purchasing or trialing logs.

Get started

Visit these links to learn about and start using Cloud Observability logs:

  • Get started with logs - Learn the basics for writing and querying logs in Cloud Observability.
  • Log integrations - Configure tools such as Logstash and OpenTelemetry Collector to send logs to Cloud Observability.
  • Explore logs - Learn to search logs in Cloud Observability’s logs tab.

Updated Apr 24, 2024