Test API endpoints

Test endpoints from the API reference documentation.

Before you begin

To test endpoints, you need the following from Cloud Observability:

  • API key.
  • Project name - Hover over the Project icon in Cloud Observability’s sidebar to view your project name.
  • Organization name - Click Settings to view your organization name: Organization name

Test API endpoints

Follow these steps to test endpoints in the API reference documentation:

  1. Click Authentication, enter your API key, and click Set.
  2. Go to an endpoint page (for example, List Alerts), and add your organization and project names (and any other required path parameters) to the Path parameters section.
  3. Click Try to test the endpoint.

    Cloud Observability’s response appears in the Response tab below the request.

To view an endpoint’s fields, types, and descriptions, click the Schema tab.

Updated Jan 12, 2024