Make real-time API calls from the docs

The Try button for each endpoint lets you test the API using your own data. In order to access your data, you need to add your API key for authorization.

  1. At the top of the page, click API Key (Authorization) and enter your API key. Enter API key

  2. Enter values in the text fields.
    • All endpoints require the organization and project fields. The organization name is found at the top of the Account Settings menu. The project name is at the top of the Project Settings menu. Org and project names
    • To add content to other fields, click FILL EXAMPLE and enter your values.

    Click the SCHEMA tab for field definitions.

  3. Click the Try button. The request is sent to your project in Cloud Observability. A response is sent back here where you can see it in the Response panel.

Updated Jan 6, 2023