About the EU data center

Cloud Observability supports data centers in two regions: the European Union (EU) and the United States (US). The EU region allows Cloud Observability customers with European data residency requirements to store their data in Europe.

The data center region is assigned when we create your organization. All projects in your organization use the same data center.

If your company is located in both the US and the EU, you can have us create separate organizations to support that. Let your Customer Success representative know if that’s the case.

You can tell which data center your organization uses by looking at the URL:

  • US: https://app.lightstep.com
  • EU: https://app.eu.lightstep.com

Feature support

All Cloud Observability features in the US are also available in the EU except for the following:

  • Microsatellites: Organizations using the EU data center must use the OpenTelemetry Collector to manage data ingestion.
  • Developer Mode

Endpoints and URLs for the EU region accounts

Following are the endpoints for the API and URLs for data ingestion:

Our topics also provide the EU URLs.

  • App access: app.eu.lightstep.com
  • API server: api.eu.lightstep.com
  • All telemetry data ingest path using the OpenTelemtry Collector: ingest.eu.lightstep.com
  • Direct metric ingest path: metricingest.eu.lightstep.com
  • Log ingest path : logingest.eu.lightstep.com
  • OpAMP ingest path (for monitoring OpenTelemetry Collectors): wss://opamp.eu.lightstep.com/v1/opamp

Outbound allowed IP addresses

For the OpenTelemetry Collector, limit all outbound connections to only the following IP addresses on TCP ports 443 and 8043:


Learn more about data security and IP addresses in Data Security.

Updated Apr 1, 2024