Lightstep integrates with leading cloud-native technologies, service meshes for microservices, and enterprise data visualization and collaboration tools. These turnkey integrations make it easy to deploy Lightstep across large-scale production systems so users get the unrivaled performance insights it provides when they need it and as part of their standard, established workflows.


  • OpenTelemetry: OpenTelemetry is the unified initiative that takes the best of both OpenTracing and OpenCensus forward.
  • OpenTracing: Lightstep tracers work with the OpenTracing API to create and send span data to the Lightstep web application. See the OpenTracing Registry for details on out-of-the-box instrumentation for common packages and frameworks.
  • OpenCensus: Lightstep supports ingesting trace data from OpenCensus-instrumented applications via exporters.
  • Jaeger Agent: Lightstep can ingest data directly from a Jaeger Agent.
  • Zipkin: Lightstep can ingest data directly from Zipkin.
  • Chisel: A tooling library that comes with Lightstep and OpenTracing built in, that works with Pedestal (a popular Clojure libraries for building APIs).

Service Meshes / Proxies

These service mesh providers support Lightstep tracers to create, collect, and send span data to Lightstep

  • Istio: Istio is an easy way to get quick visibility into service performance and availability.
  • Envoy: Envoy supports pluggable external tracers that report to Lightstep.
  • NGINX: You can enable OpenTracing and Lightstep tracers for requests served by NGINX.
  • AWS App Mesh: App Mesh supports third-party tools that work with Envoy, including Lightstep tracers.


  • Codefresh: Learn how to integrate Lightstep with Codefresh to monitor and if needed, rollback your deployments.
  • GitHub: View and compare pull requests in GitHub.

Monitoring/Alerting Apps

Lightstep integrates with these apps to monitor and alert for threshold violations

  • Grafana: Create a Lightstep chart in Grafana
  • OpsGenie: Forward Lightstep error notifications to Opsgenie.
  • Slack and PagerDuty: Forward Lightstep alerts to Slack or PagerDuty

Sharing Info

  • Slack: You can share interactive previews of pages in Lightstep in Slack workspace channels.