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LightStep Integrations

LightStep integrates with leading cloud-native technologies, service meshes for microservices, and enterprise data visualization and collaboration tools. These turnkey integrations make it easy to deploy LightStep across large-scale production systems so users get the unrivaled performance insights it provides when they need it and as part of their standard, established workflows.


  • OpenTracing: LightStep tracers work with the OpenTracing API to create and send span data to the LightStep web application. See the OpenTracing Registry for details on out-of-the-box instrumentation for common packages and frameworks.
  • OpenCensus: LightStep supports ingesting trace data from OpenCensus-instrumented applications via exporters.
  • Jaeger Agent: LightStep can ingest data directly from a Jaeger Agent.
  • Zipkin: LightStep can ingest data directly from Zipkin.

Service Meshes / Proxies

These service mesh providers support LightStep tracers to create, collect, and send span data to LightStep

Monitoring/Alerting Apps

LightStep integrates with these apps to monitor and alert for condition violations

Sharing Info

  • Slack: You can share interactive previews of pages in LightStep in Slack workspace channels.

LightStep Integrations

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