The span data that you view and use in Lightstep for observability into your system depends on the quality of your tracing instrumentation. The better and more comprehensive your instrumentation is, the better Lightstep can collect and analyze your data to provide highly actionable information.

Lightstep analyzes the instrumentation on your services and determines how you can improve it to make Lightstep work even better for you.

View Score Details

From the Service Directory view, select a service and click the Instrumentation Quality tab to learn how well your instrumentation for that service measures up.

The number on the tab and at the top of the page shows your score, which can be 0 to 100%. The score is a combination of several factors, each shown in a card. Cards with an orange border contain tips on how to improve the instrumentation. Green shows that you’ve done a great job with instrumentation for that factor.

Your service must be running and reporting at least one ingress operation to Lightstep Satellites to receive a score.

View Tips for Improving Instrumentation

Click Learn how to improve on a card to see tips for improving your score.

The operations that Lightstep analyzed for this instrumentation area are listed on the left. A checkmark means that the operation has sufficient instrumentation for this factor. An exclamation point indicates that changes are needed to satisfy the factor.

Make the changes, deploy your Service(s), and watch your score improve!