You can have several projects in Lightstep. For example, you might have one project for your development environment and one for production. Or you may have projects for different areas of your application while they’re in development.

Many things in Lightstep are project-specific, meaning they apply only to the project and won’t be applicable to everything in an Enterprise’s account. The following are specific to projects:

  • Workflow links: Workflow links allow you to add links to the Trace view to information you may need while resolving an incident.
  • Deployment Markers: When you use an instrumentation tag to denote deployments to an environment, Lightstep allows you to see how your deployments may have affected performance in your system.
  • Inferred Services: When you use tags to mark requests going to external services (like a database), Lightstep can report on performance of those services.
  • Satellites: Satellites collect the span data sent from your tracers. You can enforce a project to only accept data from your on-premise Satellites. This can be helpful for projects that are for a production environment.
  • Access Tokens: Tracers use access tokens to send data to your Satellites.
  • Data retention policy: Determine how long your span data lives in Lightstep. By default, data is saved for 28 days. Depending on your Lighstep plan, you can increase that time to match your comapany’s data retention policy, up to 2 years.

Access a Project

You load the data and settings for a project from the Projects icon in the navigation bar. Select the project to load.

Create a Project

You create and manage projects from the Project & Users tab of the Account Settings page. Projects are listed in alphabetical order.

To create a project:

  1. From the navigation bar, go to Account > Account Settings and select the Projects & Users tab.

  2. Click New Project, enter a name for the project and click Confirm. The project is added to the list of projects.

Adjust Project Settings

You manage project settings from the Settings icon in the navigation bar.

Delete a Project

You delete a project from the Account Settings page.

To delete a project:

  1. From the navigation bar, go to Account > Account Settings and select the Projects & Users tab.

  2. Click Delete.
  3. Enter the project name as it’s shown in the project list and click Delete <project name> from Lightstep.