Register service-name attributes

For Cloud Observability to correlate metric data with trace data, it needs to know the service and operation that emitted each metric. By default, to determine the service, Cloud Observability looks for the attribute (tag/label) and the attribute to determine the operation in your metrics. If you use different or additional attributes, you need to register those with Cloud Observability. For example, if some of your metrics use the kube_app attribute to record the service’s name, you need to add that attribute.

Service and operation name attributes are project-specific. You need to register the attributes with all projects that should use them.

Follow these steps to register a service name attribute:

  1. In Cloud Observability, click Settings > Attribute mapping.
  2. In Attribute mapping, click Mapping metrics to services.
  3. Under Service and Operation, click the field to add and delete attributes.

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Updated Jul 27, 2023