By default, Lightstep stores your span data indefinitely, meaning views like Snapshots and Streams are available forever.

However, your company may have a data retention and compliance policy. Lightstep allows you to set a policy to reflect a maximum age of your data. Any traces or Snapshots older than that age are deleted and no longer available.

Only Admin-level users can set the data retention policy.

To set the data retention policy for Lightstep:

  1. From the Navigation Bar, click Project Settings.

  2. In the Data Retention area, set the number of days Lightstep should retain your data. Changes may take up to 24 hours to take affect.

When data retention settings are enabled, all traces, snapshots, and other raw trace data written after June 26, 2019 will be deleted when it is older than the set retention policy. This data is non-recoverable.

If you need to delete data from before 6/27/2019, contact our Customer Success team, who can manually delete that data.