Log search update: Full text queries


The updated phrase_match behavior helps you find the exact logs you need to troubleshoot and analyze issues.

Previous vs. new behavior

phrase_match is part of Cloud Observability’s Unified Query Language and Unified Query Builder. It lets you find specific words, phrases, or numbers in logs:

logs count
| filter phrase_match(body, "an err")
| delta
| group_by [], sum

Previously, phrase_match searched specific prefixes. Referencing the example above, the search phrase an err returned logs containing an error and had an error but not san error.

With the latest update, phrase_match is a full text search, giving you more control over your queries. Referencing the example above, the search phrase an err now returns logs containing an error, had an error, and san error.

Where to use it

Use the new phrase_match behavior in several Cloud Observability features, including alerts, dashboards, notebooks, and the logs tab.

To learn more about phrase_match, visit the updated documentation:

Updated Mar 18, 2024