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Embed LightStep Charts

LightStep charts can now be embedded in Grafana, Datadog, or any other product supporting embeddable IFRAME objects.

As this is an early version of the feature, all feedback and suggestions are very welcome!

Getting the embed URL for a chart

Whether you're embedding a chart into Grafana or another product, you'll first need to locate the embed URL to use. This can be done via either the LightStep dashboard view or the detailed view.

In the LightStep dashboard view, you can click the icon in the upper-right of any dashboard chart and choose “Get embed URL”:

In the detailed chart view, in the upper-right of the chart, you can click the “Embed” button.


The instructions for using LightStep charts within Grafana are documented as part of the plug-in itself:

Datadog & other products supporting embeddable IFrames

Adding the chart to a Datadog ScreenBoard

LightStep graphs can be embedded in Datadog “ScreenBoards.” First, create a ScreenBoard (or use an existing one):

Next, drag an “IFrame” widget into the ScreenBoard:

Finally cut and paste the URL copied from LightStep into the IFrame URL field in Datadog:

Other products supporting IFrames

Specific instructions will vary, but should follow the general pattern used with Datadog.

Embed LightStep Charts

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