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Grafana Plugin for LightStep [𝑥]PM

LightStep provides a Grafana plugin that allows you to view time series data directly from any Grafana Dashboard, and to quickly take you to associated example traces in LightStep.


In order to install the LightStep Grafana plugin, you must be on one of the following versions of Grafana:

  • 5.3.2
  • 5.3.1
  • 5.2.3
  • 5.1.5
  • 5.0.4
  • 4.6.4

LightStep’s Grafana plugin can be found on GitHub: and can be installed using the standard installation instructions from Grafana:

To install the plugin, use the grafana-cli (see below). Make sure the pluginsDir is set correctly for your environment.

grafana-cli --pluginsDir data/plugins --pluginUrl plugins install grafana-lightstep-app

After the plugin is installed, follow these steps:

  1. Restart the grafana server so it can discover the new plugin.
  2. On Grafana’s Home Dashboard, click “Enable Now” on the right for the “LightStep App”.
  3. Click on the Grafana menu icon on the top left, and select Data Sources.
  4. On the top right, click “Add data source”.
  5. Set the name of your new data source (e.g. “LightStep”)
  6. Set the type to “LightStep”
  7. Set your organization name.
  8. Set your project name. This should match what you see in the project drawer on
  9. Set your API key.
  10. Make sure you leave the “Access” setting under Advanced set to “Proxy”.
  11. Hit “Add” on the bottom to save your new data source.

(If you're unsure of your organization name, project name, or API key, inquire with your primary contact at LightStep, or let us know at

Once you’ve configured the LightStep Grafana plugin, you can add a “LightStep Graph” panel to any dashboard:

  1. Click Add Query and find the the Stream for which you want to plot data.
  2. You can optionally specify custom percentiles to graph. These percentiles are computed in LightStep and represent the percentiles from the aggregate data.
  3. Lastly, the Exemplars checkbox will control whether or not example traces are plotted as points on the graph. If enabled, clicking on a example trace will open that trace in a new window on

NOTE: If you would like to set up this integration for multiple LightStep projects, you may simply follow the process above for each of your LightStep projects.

Grafana Plugin for LightStep [𝑥]PM

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