Lightstep Observability supports metric data from many different sources. Read the following integration guides to get started on a platform and then search for specific metric integrations for detailed instructions, examples, and more.

  • OpenTelemetry Collector: Using the Collector and the OpenTelemetry Protocol, you can ingest metrics from a number of different providers. You can also ingest Prometheus, StatsD, Kafka and Java/JMX metrics using the Collector.
  • AWS: You create a Cloudwatch Metric Stream that pushes metrics to Lightstep. Lightstep retrieves resource metadata using an AWS role and policy that allows read-only access to your resources. Lightstep supports these AWS metrics.
  • Google Cloud Monitoring (formerly Stackdriver): You send metrics and resource tags and metadata to Lightstep by creating a service account that allows Lightstep read-only access to the metrics.

Once you send metrics to Lightstep Observability, you can create charts, dashboards, and notebooks, set thresholds that trigger alerts, and use Change Intelligence to find the root cause of metric deviations, without leaving Lightstep.

Using Terraform? You can use the Lightstep Terraform provider to create and manage your dashboards and charts. You can also use it to export existing dashboards into the Terraform format.

Change Intelligence