Lightstep supports metric data from many different sources:

  • Datadog: You configure a Datadog agent to “tee” traffic to both Lightstep and Datadog.
  • Prometheus: You use the Prometheus sidecar to transmit data collected by Prometheus servers. The sidecar reads the Prometheus server’s write-ahead log, then re-exports timeseries using the OpenTelemetry protocol to Lightstep.
  • AWS: You send metrics and resource tags and metadata to Lightstep by creating an AWS role and policy that allows Lightstep read-only access to the metrics.

Lightstep also supports metrics from OpenTelemetry using either the Collector or the SDK. This protocol and specification is still undergoing development, so it is not suggested for production use at this time by Lightstep.

Once you send metrics to Lightstep, you can create charts and dashboards, set thresholds that trigger alerts, and use Change Intelligence to find the root cause of metric deviations, without leaving Lightstep.Change Intelligence