Send data to Lightstep Observability

Whether you're starting from scratch or have already started using OpenTelemetry, learn how to get your instrumentation data into Lightstep.

OpenTelemetry Docs

What is OpenTelemetry?

Learn about OpenTelemetry and how it can help you in your Observability journey.

OpenTelemetry Docs

Where to begin

Getting started with OpenTelemetry for Lightstep Observability.

OpenTelemetry Docs

OpenTelemetry Quick Start

Get started with OpenTelemetry and Lightstep Observability using the OpenTelemetry Demo app to see data in Lightstep quickly.

OpenTelemetry Docs

Quick Start: Collector for application data

Learn about the OpenTelemetry Collector, and how to use it to send your telemetry data to Lightstep.

OpenTelemetry Docs

Quick Start: Tracing instrumentation

Learn how to instrument your app for distributed tracing using OpenTelemetry and Lightstep Observability.

OpenTelemetry Docs

Miscellaneous configuration

Other information about configuring OpenTelemetry with Lightstep Observability.