Instrument Your App

Learn how to instrument your services for Observability.

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Tracing Instrumentation Quick Start

Learn how to instrument your application using OpenTelemetry and then send data to Lightstep.

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Quick Start: Tracing Instrumentation

Learn how to instrument your app for distributed tracing using OpenTracing and Lightstep.

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Already Instrumented?

If you've already instrumented your system, but were using another tracing library, no worries! Lightstep can ingest that instrumentation with almost no additional code needed.

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Use OpenTelemetry for Instrumentation

Learn about OpenTelemetry and how to instrument your app for distributed tracing and observability.

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Tracing Instrumentation Best Practices

Observability gives you the necessary information about the health and efficiency of your system. However, systems are large and complex, so the question is what do you decide to measure and where do you start?

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Understand Distributed Tracing

Distributed tracing provides a view of the life of a request as it travels across multiple hosts and services communicating over various protocols. With distributed tracing implemented, you have a window into performance at every step in the request.

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Use Attributes and Log Events to Find Issues Fast

A span can have zero or more key/value *attributes*. Attributes allow you to create metadata about the span.

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Add Infrastructure Metrics to Your Instrumentation

Lightstep can ingest infrastructure metrics from your instrumentation to report on things like CPU and memory usage to help you resolve incidents fater.

Learning Path

Get Started with Lightstep

Get started with Lightstep by sending metric data from Datadog, instrumenting your services with OpenTelemetry, and seeing how Change Intelligence uses both to perform root cause analysis.