AWS CloudWatch Logs metrics

Once you’ve integrated with AWS CloudWatch, you have access to all metrics for AWS CloudWatch Logs, which monitors, stores, and access your log files from Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, AWS CloudTrail, Route 53, and other sources.

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To verify metrics are reporting, search for the metrics on the Metric details page in Settings.

The following table shows the CloudWatch Logs metrics ingested by Cloud Observability.

Metric Name Unit Description
aws.cloudwatchlogs.call_count count The number of specified API operations performed in your account.
aws.cloudwatchlogs.delivery_errors count The number of log events for which CloudWatch Logs encountered a problem while sending information to the subscription location.
aws.cloudwatchlogs.delivery_throttling count The number of log events for which CloudWatch Logs throttled data transmission to the subscription location.
aws.cloudwatchlogs.emf_metric_generation_error count The number of metrics that failed to be published to CloudWatch metrics despite being found in EMF logs.
aws.cloudwatchlogs.emf_parsing_error count The number of parsing error made while analyzing EMF logs.
aws.cloudwatchlogs.emf_internal_error count The quantity of internal errors that were made when analyzing EMF logs
aws.cloudwatchlogs.emf_validation_error count The number of validation errors that were made while analyzing EMF logs.
aws.cloudwatchlogs.error_count count The number of API operations carried out in your account that had problems.
aws.cloudwatchlogs.forwarded_bytes bytes The amount of compressed bytes delivered to the subscription destination as log event volume.
aws.cloudwatchlogs.forwarded_log_events count The number of log events delivered to the location of the subscription.
aws.cloudwatchlogs.incoming_bytes bytes The amount of log events that were transferred to CloudWatch Logs in uncompressed bytes.
aws.cloudwatchlogs.incoming_log_events count The number of log events uploaded to CloudWatch Logs.
aws.cloudwatchlogs.throttle_count count The number of API operations that were restricted in your account due to use quotas.

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Updated Dec 14, 2022