AWS Cognito metrics

Once you’ve integrated with AWS CloudWatch, you have access to metrics from AWS Cognito, which provides a scalable identity store supporting social and enterprise identity federation. Amazon Cognito is built on open identity standards and supports various compliance regulations while integrating conveniently with frontend and backend resources.

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To verify metrics are reporting, search for the metrics on the Metric details page in Settings.

The following table shows the Cognito metrics ingested by Cloud Observability.

Metric Name Unit Description
aws.cognito.sign_up_successes count The number of successful sign-ups.
aws.cognito.sign_up_throttles count The number of times sign-ups were throttled.
aws.cognito.sign_in_successes count The number of successful sign-ins.
aws.cognito.token_refresh_successes count The number of successful token refreshes.
aws.cognito.token_refresh_throttles count The number of times token refreshes were throttled.
aws.cognito.federation_successes count The number of successful federations.
aws.cognito.federation_throttles count The number of throttles which occured during federation.
aws.cognito.call_count count The total number of calls to Cognito for all tasks.
aws.cognito.throttle_count count The total number throttles have occcured.

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Updated Dec 1, 2022