AWS Elastic Block Store metrics

Once you’ve integrated with AWS CloudWatch, you have access to all metrics for the AWS Elastic Block Store service, which provides block level storage volumes for EC2 instances. EBS volumes behave like unformatted, unprocessed block devices.

You can create a pre-built dashboard for this integration when you add the integration to Cloud Observability or from the Dashboard list view.

To verify metrics are reporting, search for the metrics in the Metric details section of the Settings page.

The following table shows the Elastic Block Store metrics ingested by Cloud Observability.

Metric Name Unit Description
aws.ebs.volume_read_bytes bytes The total read bytes transferred during the period.
aws.ebs.volume_write_bytes bytes The total write bytes transferred during the period.
aws.ebs.volume_read_ops count The total volume read operations during the period.
aws.ebs.volume_write_ops count The total volume write operations during the period.
aws.ebs.volume_total_read_time seconds The total seconds for all read operations within the specified period.
aws.ebs.volume_total_write_time seconds The total seconds for all write operations within the specified period.
aws.ebs.volume_idle_time seconds The total seconds in which there were no active operations (read or write).
aws.ebs.volume_queue_length count The total read and write requests waiting to be complete in the specified period.
aws.ebs.volume_throughput_percentage percent The proportion of delivered IOPS to provisioned IOPS per second.
aws.ebs.volume_consumed_read_write_ops count The total number of read and write operations performed in a given amount of time (normalized to 256K capacity units).
aws.ebs.burst_balance percent The percentage used exclusively with volumes on General Purpose SSD (gp2), Throughput Optimized HDD (st1), and Cold HDD (sc1) drives.
aws.ebs.fast_snapshot_restore_credits_bucket_size count The maximum number of volume create credits that can be accumulated.
aws.ebs.fast_snapshot_restore_credits_balance count The number of volume create credits available.

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Updated Dec 6, 2022