AWS EC2 Fleet metrics

Once you’ve integrated with AWS CloudWatch, you have access to metrics from AWS EC2 Fleet, which is a collection of Spot Instances and, at your discretion, On-Demand Instances that are launched in accordance with your specified parameters.

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You can validate that metrics are reporting to Cloud Observability on the Metrics details page in Settings.

The following table shows the EC2 Fleet metrics ingested by Cloud Observability.

Metric Name Unit Description
aws.ec2spot.available_instance_pools_count count The Spot Fleet request-specified Spot capacity pools.
aws.ec2spot.bids_submitted_for_capacity count The amount of space that Amazon EC2 has asked Spot Fleet for.
aws.ec2spot.eligible_instance_pool_count count The Spot Fleet request-specified Spot capacity pools where Amazon EC2 can process requests.
aws.ec2spot.fulfilled_capacity count The amount of capacity that Amazon EC2 has met.
aws.ec2spot.max_percent_capacity_allocation percent The highest PercentCapacityAllocation percentage that can be set for all Spot Fleet pools in the Spot Fleet request.
aws.ec2spot.pending_capacity count The distinction between FulfilledCapacity and TargetCapacity.
aws.ec2spot.percent_capacity_allocation percent The amount of space allotted to the Spot capacity pool for the given dimensions.
aws.ec2spot.target_capacity count The Spot Fleet request's intended capacity.
aws.ec2spot.terminating_capacity count The capacity that is being terminated because the goal capacity is exceeded by the provisioned capacity.

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Updated Dec 6, 2022