AWS Redshift metrics

Once you’ve integrated with AWS CloudWatch, you have access to metrics from AWS Redshift, which is a petabyte-scale, complete managed data warehouse solution.

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To verify metrics are reporting, search for the metrics in the Metric details section of the Settings page.

The following table shows the Redshift metrics ingested by Cloud Observability.

Metric Name Unit Description
aws.redshift.commit_queue_length count The total transactions awaiting confirmation at any given moment.
aws.redshift.concurrency_scaling_active_clusters count The total concurrent scaling clusters currently working on answering inquiries.
aws.redshift.concurrency_scaling_seconds count The time concurrent scaling clusters consume when there is active query processing activity.
aws.redshift.cpu_utilization percent The CPU utilization rate. For clusters this is an accumulation of all node (leader and compute) CPU utilization data.
aws.redshift.database_connections count The databases connected to a cluster.
aws.redshift.health_status count The cluster's condition.
aws.redshift.maintenance_mode count The cluster's maintenance mode indicated.
aws.redshift.max_configured_concurrency_scaling_clusters count The clusters designed for concurrent scaling in the parameter group.
aws.redshift.network_receive_throughput bytes The data transfer rate to the node or cluster.
aws.redshift.network_transmit_throughput bytes The node's or cluster's capacity to write data.
aws.redshift.percentage_disk_space_used percent The percentage of available storage space.
aws.redshift.queries_completed_per_second count The rate at which requests are answered in a second.
aws.redshift.query_duration microseconds The time needed to finish a query.
aws.redshift.query_runtime_breakdown milliseconds The total time that each query stage took to execute.
aws.redshift.read_iops count The average read operations per second from disks.
aws.redshift.read_latency seconds The average time required for disk read I/O operations.
aws.redshift.read_throughput bytes The data read from disk each second.
aws.redshift.redshift_managed_storage_total_capacity megabytes The total controlled storage.
aws.redshift.total_table_count count The active user tables at any given moment.
aws.redshift.wlm_queue_length count The requests awaiting entry into a workload management (WLM) queue.
aws.redshift.wlm_queue_wait_time milliseconds The total time that queries were held in the workload management (WLM) queue.
aws.redshift.wlm_queries_completed_per_second count The successfully completed inquiries per second for workload management (WLM) queue.
aws.redshift.wlm_query_duration microseconds The time it takes a query for a workload management (WLM) queue to finish.
aws.redshift.wlm_running_queries count The active inquiries per WLM queue coming from both the main cluster and the concurrency scaling cluster.
aws.redshift.write_iops count The write operations per second on average.
aws.redshift.write_latency seconds The average time required for disk write I/O operations.
aws.redshift.write_throughput bytes The data written to disk each second in bytes.
aws.redshift.schema_quota megabytes The quota that has been set up for a schema.
aws.redshift.num_exceeded_schema_quotas count The schemas exceeded their quotas.
aws.redshift.storage_used megabytes The disk or storage area that a schema occupies.
aws.redshift.percentage_quota_used percent The proportion of disk or storage space consumed in relation to the defined schema quota.

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Updated Dec 9, 2022