AWS RoboMaker

Once you’ve integrated with AWS CloudWatch, you have access to metrics from AWS RoboMaker, which is a cloud-based simulation service that allows developers of robotics to run, scale, and automate simulation without having to manage any infrastructure.

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You can validate that metrics are reporting to Cloud Observability on the Metrics details page in Settings.

The following table shows the RoboMaker metrics ingested by Cloud Observability.

Metric Name Unit Description
aws.robomaker.real_time_factor milliseconds The ratio of the amount of time that was simulated versus wall clock time.
aws.robomaker.vcpu count The number of virtual CPU cores used by the simulation job.
aws.robomaker.memory gb The amount of memory, in GB, used by the simulation job.
aws.robomaker.simulation_unit count The number vCPU and memory consumption of the simulation job calculated by SimulationUnit.
aws.robomaker.resource_count count The number of the specified resources running in your account.

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Updated Dec 2, 2022