AWS WorkSpaces metrics

Once you’ve integrated with AWS CloudWatch, you have access to all metrics for WorkSpaces, which provides cloud-based virtual desktops.

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To verify metrics are reporting, search for the metrics in the Metric details section of the Settings page.

The following table shows the WorkSpaces metrics ingested by Cloud Observability.

Metric Name Unit Description
aws.workspaces.available count The number of WorkSpaces that returned a healthy status.
aws.workspaces.unhealthy count The number of WorkSpaces that returned an unhealthy status.
aws.workspaces.connection_attempt count The number of connection attempts.
aws.workspaces.connection_success count The number of successful connections.
aws.workspaces.connection_failure count The number of failed connections.
aws.workspaces.session_launch_time seconds The amount of time it takes to initiate a WorkSpaces session.
aws.workspaces.in_session_latency milliseconds The round trip time between the WorkSpaces client and the WorkSpace.
aws.workspaces.session_disconnect count The number of connections closed, including user-initiated and failed connections.
aws.workspaces.user_connected count The number of WorkSpaces that have a user connected.
aws.workspaces.stopped count The number of WorkSpaces that are stopped.
aws.workspaces.maintenance count The number of WorkSpaces that are under maintenance.
aws.workspaces.trusted_device_validation_attempt count The number of device authentication signature validation attempts.
aws.workspaces.trusted_device_validation_success count The number of successful device authentication signature validations.
aws.workspaces.trusted_device_validation_failure count The number of failed device authentication signature validations.
aws.workspaces.trusted_device_certificate_days_before_expiration count Days left before the root certificate associated with the directory is expired.

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Updated Dec 9, 2022