Lightstep Observability supports the OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP) for ingesting data from any instrumentation library, managed service, or other source of OTLP data. This document briefly covers the required information and endpoints. This includes OpenTelemetry instrumentation for languages not covered under a setup guide, Kubernetes tracing, etc.

Required OTLP Resources

Lightstep Observability will reject trace telemetry that does not have the following resource value set:


Required OTLP Headers

Lightstep Observability requires the following header to be present on an OTLP request to any direct endpoint:

  • lightstep-access-token

The value of this header should be set to your project access token. If you are using microsatellites, then you may omit this header.

OTLP Endpoints

Lightstep Observability supports several versioned and un-versioned OTLP endpoints. If possible, we recommend using the non-versioned gRPC endpoints for ease of operation.

Start tabs


  • for GRPC
  •{v0.6,v0.9} for Trace HTTP over JSON
  •{v0.6,v0.9} for Metric HTTP over JSON


  • https://{Microsatellite IP}:{Microsatellite Port} for GRPC
  • https://{Microsatellite IP}:{Microsatellite Port}/traces/otlp/{v0.6,v0.9} for Trace HTTP over JSON
  • https://{Microsatellite IP}:{Microsatellite Port}/metrics/otlp/{v0.6,v0.9} for Metric HTTP over JSON

End tabs