Learning Paths

Find comprehensive tutorials for instrumenting your apps, and then using Lightstep for common use cases in root cause analysis, performance enhancement, debugging errors, monitoring, and integrating with popular third-party apps.

Get Started with Lightstep

Get started with Lightstep by learning about how Lightstep works, how to create an account, how to get your application's telemetry data into Lightstep, and how to view that data to perform root casue analysis.

Find the Root Cause of Latency

Learn how to find the cause of a latency increase using Lightstep's Service Health view.

Investigate an Error Rate Increase

Learn how to find the cause of an error rate increase using Lightstep's Service Health view.

Monitor Service Health After a Deployment

Use Lightstep to monitor service performance after a deployment to catch regressions and other issues quickly.

Improve Your Incident Response Flow

Learn how to improve your incident response capabilities using high-cardinality tags in your instrumentation, creating alerts, and configuring Workflow Links.

Use Codefresh and Lightstep to Manage Deploys

Learn how to integrate Lightstep with Codefresh to monitor and if needed, rollback your deployments.