Learning Path

Integrate feature flag data with Lightstep Observability

Use an OpenTelemetry-based plugin to integrate feature flag data from your Node.js service into Lightstep Observability.

Total time:
Robin Whitmore
Updated Mar 15, 2021

Introduction: Lightstep's OpenTelemetry feature flag plugin

See feature flag data from Split.io or LaunchDarkly in Lightstep Observability.

5 mins

Step 1: Instrument your services with OpenTelemetry

Learn how to instrument your Node.js service using OpenTelemetry.

2 mins

Step 2: Install and initialize feature flag plugins

Install and initialize the OpenTelemetry plugin that collects feature flag data.

3 mins

Step 3: View the feature flag data in Lightstep Observability

See your feature flag data in the Trace view.


Finished installing the plugin!

End of Feature Flag Learning Path