Learning Path

Get Started with Lightstep

Get started with Lightstep by learning about how Lightstep works, how to create an account, how to get your application's telemetry data into Lightstep, and how to view that data to perform root casue analysis.

Total time:
Robin Whitmore
Updated 28 Apr 2020


Learn how to get started with Lightstep

2 mins

Step 1: Learn How Lightstep Works

Learn how tracers, Satellites, the Hypothesis Engine, and the web UI work to analyze 100 percent of unsampled transaction data from distributed, deep systems to produce complete end-to-end traces and robust metrics that explain performance behaviors and accelerate root cause analysis.

2 mins

Step 2: Create a Lightstep Account

Learn how to create a Lightstep account and add new users.

2 mins

Step 3: Lightstep Satellites and Access Tokens

Learn how Lightstep uses Satellites to bring 100% of your unsampled telemetry data into Lightstep.

15 mins

Step 4: Instrument Your Services

Learn how to get started instrumenting your services using OpenTracing.

5 mins

Step 5: View Data in Lightstep

See how Lightstep uses your telemetry data to help find and mitigate regressions.



End of Learning Path