You did it!

To get started with Lightstep Observability you need to:

  • Send metric data to Lightstep Observability. Lightstep supports AWS metrics, as well as metrics from other vendors.
  • Instrument your app. Using OpenTelemetry Launchers is a quick way to get data into Lightstep Observability.
  • Build dashboards and charts to view that data.
  • Use Change Intelligence to see how trace data supports metric data so you can find the cause of any issues quickly, in one tool.

Don’t stop now! Go ahead and do the following:

  • Add more instrumentation like attributes to your trace data, to really empower Change Intelligence. The more attributes your traces have, the better Change Intelligence works!
  • Add deployment markers. Deployment markers display on dashboards and charts, so you can easily see if deviations happen directly after deploying a service.
  • Add multiple queries and formulas to your charts for even more powerful monitoring.
  • Create alerts for your data. You can start Change Intelligence directly from an alert.
  • Go through additional Learning Paths to see in more detail how to use Lightstep Observability to quickly find issues.