You did it!

To get started with Lightstep you need to:

  • Create a Lightsetp account and learn the basics of the Lightstep architecture.
  • Understand Lightstep Satellites. Satellites ingest 100% of the telemetry data, then analyze it and send important data to Lightstep. Satellites use access tokens to determine which Lightstep project to report to.
  • Instrument your app. Using OpenTelemetry Launchers is a quick way to get data into Lightstep. You can further instrument your app at the service level to dig into areas where you need more visibility.
  • View and analyze the telemetry data in Lightstep. Because 100% of the data is collected and outliers are sent to Lightstep, you can discover hard to find issues fast.

Don’t stop now! Go ahead and do the following:

  • Add more instrumentation (like attributes and deployment markers) to your forked version of the Hipster app and watch how adding more data to Lightstep makes it even more valuable!
  • Add workflow links that allow users to jump out of Lightstep and into other tools seamlessly.
  • Go through additional Learning Paths to see in more detail how to use Lightstep to quickly find issues.