Once you send metrics to Lightstep, you can create charts and dashboards, set thresholds that trigger alerts, and use Change Intelligence to find the root cause of metric deviations, without leaving Lightstep.Change Intelligence

You can send your Datadog metrics into Lightstep by changing the default configuration. You need your Lightstep project’s access token.

By default, Change Intelligence looks for the service.name tag (label) in your metric data to determine the sending service. If you want to change that or add others, you need to register them.

You can also migrate your current Datadog dashboards and metrics. Lightstep also supports sending metrics from AWS and Prometheus.

In your Datadog configuration file, replace apiKey and dd_url with the following:

dd_url: "https://metricingest.lightstep.com"

Redeploy the configuration file and restart the Datadog agent.

What Did We Learn?

  • Sending metrics from Datadog to Lightstep is as easy as changing the configuration.
  • You can also migrate your existing dashboards and metrics from Datadog