We found the issue, now we need to notify the team responsible for the inventory service. All your queries and the data that support them are durably stored in Lightstep for as long as your data retention settings allow. And while you could share the URL to the Trace View page, a more powerful tool is to share a Snapshot. Lightstep persists the data from every query you make in Explorer as a Snapshot so that you (and your co-workers) can go back in time and work with the same data as you did then.

  1. Click the Explorer button in the navigation bar.

  2. Click the gray dropdown that displays Today and a timestamp. This is a list of all queries you’ve made, saved as Snapshots.

  3. Select the service:"inventory" operation:"update-inventory" tag:customer="meowsy" Snapshot.

    Lightstep reloads that data.

  4. Click the Share button, copy the URL, and send it off to one of your teammates!

If you integrate your Lightstep project with Slack, when you post the link into a channel, a preview of the histogram is displayed along with a link back to the Snapshot in Explorer. You can also share previews from the Trace view and from Streams (more about those in the next lesson). This demo project isn’t configured to use Slack, but it’s super easy to set up.

What Did We Learn?

  • Lightstep durably persists query results data as Snapshots.
  • You can share snapshots using only a URL and anyone can see and work with the same data you did.

Now that someone is working on a resolution, let’s monitor the situation going forward.