Lightstep Observability is a vital tool in your Incident Response flow. In this Learning Path, you’ll learn how by improving your instrumentation and configuring Lightstep Observability, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your response process.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use OpenTelemetry attributes to provide contextual information about your operations and query, filter, and group by attributes that reflect your important business values.
  • Create alerts in Lightstep Observability and integrate with Slack to have your on-call team notified whenever thresholds are breached. Notifications contain links back into Lightstep Observability so users can quickly begin their investigation.
  • Create Workflow Links to allow users to quickly access external tools like playbook pages, Git repos, or Slack channels.
  • Once configured, see how your on-call team will work in Lightstep Observability to quickly investigate and resolve an issue.