You did it!

In this Learning Path, you went from observing an increase in the error rate on a customer-facing service to using the RCA tools to find the root cause deep in the system.

Remember the following next time you’re wondering about error rates in your deep system:

  • Lightstep Observability shows you the health of Key Operations on your services. In a glance, you can see when issues are affecting these operations, even when it’s not caused by the service they belong to.
  • You can use the error RCA tools to compare data from a regression to when the service was performing as expected.
    • The Operation diagram provides a visual map of a request through your system, highlighting operations with high error rates.
    • The Compare Operations table shows you the operations whose error rate has changed the most during the regression.
    • The Compare Attributes table helps you correlate attributes with spans that have errors, narrowing down the spans you need to investigate.
    • Logs Analysis shows log messages on spans.
    • You can filter the data to see data only from the spans that matter.
  • The Trace view helps you verify your hypothesis by showing all the data from one span containing the error.