When you notice an increase in error rate on Lightstep Observability’s Service Health view, you can use the analytical tools to find the source of errors. This is especially helpful after deploying a service to ensure there are no regressions in errors, and if there are, to quickly determine the source and rollback.

For this Learning Path, let’s say you work on an e-commerce site. You’re responsible for the health of the services closest to your customers. You’ll use Lightstep Observability to monitor those services. When you notice an increase in the error rate, you’ll pinpoint the cause in a service deep in the stack using Lightstep Observability’s RCA tools.

You’ll learn how to:

  • View your services and immediately notice an increase in the error rate.
  • Compare service and operation performance before and during the regression.
  • Use Lightstep Observability’s Operation Diagram, Tag Correlation, and Logs Analysis to pinpoint the origin of the errors.
  • Use the Trace view to confirm the regression source.