Rollbar uses call stack traces to automate the process of surfacing and triaging new and critical errors. When you integrate Rollbar with Lightstep Observability, you can move seamlessly from a critical error alert in Rollbar to investigating the root cause in Lightstep Observability.

The Rollbar integration uses the Lightstep Observability API to automatically create a Snapshot of your system’s performance at the exact time of the error. You can access that Snapshot in Lightstep Observability directly from Rollbar to begin your investigation in Lightstep Observability. Similarly when you discover issues in Lightstep Observability, you can use a pre-defined Workflow Link to go from a specific trace back to Rollbar to view the error information there.

Currently we support only the Rollbar JavaScript SDK. Please contact us about adding support for other languages!

You integrate Rollbar into Lightstep Observability using your current tracing instrumentation (OpenTelemetry or OpenTracing). Using a Rollbar access token, the instrumentation can capture the trace data and persist it at the time of the error.Rollbar integration diagram

Before you begin

You’ll need following to complete this Learning Path:

  • A Lightstep Observability account and project. If you don’t have one, sign up for a free account.
  • A Rollbar account that’s configured to build and deploy services to your environment. You’ll also need a Rollbar access token.
  • Instrumented services reporting their telemetry data into Lightstep Observability. You can use either OpenTracing or OpenTelemetry.