Now that you’ve added the instrumentation, you can view the integration in Rollbar and Lightstep Observability.

When Rollbar captures an error from a span, a Lightstep Trace button displays for the error item. Rollbar with Lightstep Trace button

Clicking that button takes you to the Explorer view with a query populated with the Rollbar ID for the error. Explorer with Rollbar error query

Because the query returns only the span with that ID, only one span is shown in the histogram and in the Trace Analysis table. Clicking that span in the table takes you to the Trace view in Lightstep Observability where you can see the span with the error in context of the complete request.Trace view with Rollbar span

You can view details about the span and the trace in general to start your error investigation.

On the Workflow Links tab, a link back to Rollbar is pre-configured, so you can get back into the error details in Rollbar.Workflow link back to Rollbar Rollbar

What did we learn?

  • The Rollbar integration adds a link from the error in Rollbar to a Trace in Lightstep Observability, where you can start your investigation.
  • In Lightstep Observability, a Workflow Link is added that takes you back into Rollbar to the specific error instance on the trace.