Root cause analysis

Use Lightstep Observability to create data-driven hypotheses and resolve issues fast.

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Use notebooks in your investigation

You can create notebooks for ad-hoc queries, post-mortems, runbooks, collaboration, or anytime you want to keep a record of an investigation.

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Find correlated areas of latency and errors

A standard method of identifying the root cause of a performance regression is to manually comb through traces and search for common system attributes associated with that regression or with errors. With Correlations, Lightstep Observability helps you find attributes correlated with latency and errors automatically.

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View traces

You use the Trace view to see a full trace from beginning to end of a request. The Trace view shows you a flame graph of the full trace (each service a different color) and below that, each span is shown in a hierarchy, allowing you to see the parent-child relationship of all the spans in the trace. Errors are shown in red.