Use Metrics to Understand Change

Use metric data and distributed tracing to understand what caused a change in your system performance.

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Investigate a Metric Deviation

Use Lightstep's Change Intelligence when you notice a deviation in your metric charts to quickly find the root cause.

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Monitor Metric Data

Use Lightstep to monitor your metric data and create alerts based on thresholds set in that data.

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How Lightstep Displays Metrics

Learn how Lightstep displays metrics.

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Send Metric Data to Lightstep

You can send metric data to Lightstep from many different sources.

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Create and Manage Metric Dashboards

Create dashboards to view your metric data in Lightstep.

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Create Charts for Metric Dashboards

Create charts for your metric data to add to your dashboards.

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Create Alerts for Metric Data

Create alerts for your metric data. When triggered, alerts are sent to configured destinations.

Learning Path

Use Change Intelligence from a Metric Alert

Use Lightstep's Change Intelligence to find the root cause when alerted to a deviation in your metrics.