Use metrics in Lightstep Observability

Send metric data to Lightstep Observability and use it with span data to understand system performance changes.

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Ingest Prometheus metrics with an OpenTelemetry Collector on Kubernetes

Lightstep Observability recommends using OpenTelemetry Collectors to scrape Kubernetes metrics and send them to Lightstep.

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Ingest metrics from Amazon

Easily send AWS CloudWatch metrics from multiple projects to Lightstep using the Lightstep UI.

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Ingest metrics from Google Cloud Monitoring

Configure Google Cloud metrics to report to Lightstep Observability.

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Ingest metrics using the OpenTelemetry Collector

Send metric data from the OpenTelemetry Collector directly to Lightstep Observability using OpenTelemetry Protocol.

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View Lightstep data in Grafana

The Lightstep Observability Data Source lets you view and visualize telemetry data from Lightstep Observability in Grafana.